06 May 2014

Developing Technologies May Benefit Trustees

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Developing Technologies May Benefit Trustees

How Generation Y and Google Glass could affect Future Solutions


Terry Dear
BMS Vice President of Software Development

The BMS tagline, “Advanced Technology. Superior Support.” is more than just a slogan – it’s a way of life at BMS. On the technology side, we keep new and upcoming “developing technologies” in mind as we create solutions for the future. Our Vice President of Software Development, Terry Dear, recently organized a symposium on “Emerging Technologies – SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud)” for the Orange County, CA chapter of WITI (Women In Technology International).This symposium discussed the habits of Generation Y users, reviewed emerging products such as Google Glass and how businesses are harnessing the CPU computing power of the Cloud.

How can “developing technology” benefit trustees? We see technology being integrated more and more into our everyday lives. Businesses are taking notice and are recognizing they will need to start changing their work culture as a result of these emerging technologies. Terry took notice of the interesting behavior phenomenon with Generation Y users, specifically on their responses to messaging. She says, “Voice mail is now a thing of the past. If you want an (instant) response, send a text.” Terry noted that this type of thinking does not apply just to Generation Y types, but to the large number of professionals working today. “How often are you in a meeting and find yourself responding to others with a quick text? I’m not always available to make a phone call, but I can respond quickly by text,” she says. This makes our product management team wonder how often Chapter 7 correspondence may be done outside of traditional paper documents or even email. As well as how to keep track of such correspondence with a case file.

How can BMS assist fiduciaries to be more responsive and productive? By realizing how the workplace is changing, we can better help our clients work within their offices with their own staff as well as with those outside their office such as debtors and their attorneys.Google Glass is product that could have potential benefits as it allows the wearer to view a computer screen with real-time access to data. “Can you imagine wearing Google Glass in a 341(a) meeting?” says Terry, “There are so many possibilities for our trustees.”

Terry, as well as our product management team, is always looking for ways to incorporate new technologies into future solutions for our clients. Excited to what’s next? So are we.