05 Mar 2015

Creating Interim NFRs and TFRs in CaseLink Web

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Creating Interim NFRs and TFRs in CaseLink Web

During the life of a case, there are times when a trustee will need to do an interim distribution – either by court order or due to the length of time for administration of the case. An interim distribution is typically used when only partial funds are being distributed to creditors, leaving funds in the estate for final distribution. In those situations, your office will need to prepare a TFR for interim distribution.

Interim NFRs and TFRs are not acknowledged by the EOUST as Uniform Forms, even though many districts request these reports to accompany any interim distributions. To help prepare for this type of distribution, we have created an interim report option in CaseLink Web that can be accessed from the NFR and TFR reports screen.

Note: As the UST office does not extract data from these reports, they are not [and are not required to be] PDF-A compliant. These documents should not be modified (other than to add the word “Interim”) unless you are directed to do so by your UST office.

Interim NFRs

The changes to the NFR impact the heading on the Notice and Summary section of the NFR.

To use the Interim option, check the Interim box option on the reports parameter screen:


The report will now include the word Interim in the title of the Notice:


And also on the Summary:


 Interim TFRs

The Interim TFR selection is available by checking the Interim box option on the TFR parameters screen.


This will insert the Interim language within the TFR:


You can also see the language displayed in paragraph 7, regarding trustee compensation:


On Exhibit D, the title also reflects the Interim status of the distribution:

ExhibitD-Trustee-Proposed-Interim-DistributionRenaming Saved Files in Case Documents

The file is saved to your Case Documents with the name and description provided by the user. It does not default with Interim language. You will need to rename the file to show that this is an Interim NFR or TFR. The file, like all NFRs and TFRs, is saved to the ‘Uniform Forms’ subfolder.


Please contact your BMS Account Manager if you have any questions on the preparation of an Interim NFR or TFR.