24 Jun 2014

Customize Views to See Data that’s Most Relevant to You

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Product Tip:

Customize Views to See Data that’s Most Relevant to You

Every Chapter 7 office works a little differently. Many times, different staff members within the same office are interested in very specific slices of case information. CaseLink Web enables you to add, eliminate or change the order of columns to view only the information relevant to you. Since the setting is unique to your profile, you won’t affect the view of others in your office – everyone wins!

In the example below, you will see how to add the case balance column to all of your cases. This is not a standard view setting, but can be customized as your personal view.

Example: Adding a Case Balance Column

To access this feature, first go to the Global Tool Bar and select Cases from the drop-down field. From the list view, locate and click the customize link in the upper left hand corner.


A box will appear letting you know that “You are now viewing the table in edit mode.” To add columns, select the green click here link next to the bullet titled Show/hide columns. 


Options available in editing mode that help to customize your view include:
re-ordering columns, changing the column width, show/hide columns and restoring default settings.

A new Show/Hide Columns screen displaying the default fields available will appear. To add the balance column, check the box next to balance and click Save.


When the “You are now viewing the table in edit mode” box appears, select the green click here link listed in the “When you are happy with your changes…” sentence to exit the editor mode. You will now see that the balance column has been added to your case view screen.


From here, you can also change the order and the width of the balance column or restore the view back to the default settings. Since these settings are specific to your profile, you can play with the customization features as much as you like; returning to the defaults if  you don’t like your new settings.

Watch the Tutorial

To find out more about customization options in CaseLink Web, log into the BMS WebEx Portal to watch the tutorial by BMS Manager of Training and Development, Karrie Spies.

To view the tutorial:
1) Log into https://bms7.webex.com/
2) Click on Training Center.
3) Choose Attend a Session > Recorded Sessions
4) Search for “CLW-Customize your CaseLink Web software”

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the steps shown above, please feel free to contact the BMS Support Center via email or call 800-634-7734, ext. 6.