Corporate Restructuring Solutions

Manage Liquidations Smarter  

BMS developed our Corporate Restructuring solutions to provide Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustees, plan administrators and other fiduciaries with software that would streamline case administration and claims distribution for liquidating engagements, assignments for the benefit of creditors, and receiverships.
 Corporate Restructuring | Flexibility Built-in to Manage any Liquidation

TrustWorks:   Simplified and Automated Case Administration

TrustWorks is the only solution with completely integrated banking, claims management, workflow tracking, and complex distribution capabilities.

TrustWorks | Simplified and Automated Case Administration
  • No Cost, web-based case administration
  • Streamlined workflow and document management
  • Automated claims distribution
  • Reconciled claims management
  • Integrated and secure banking services

BMS Web Portal Service:   Efficient and User Friendly

Integrated with our  TrustWorks software, the  BMS Web Portal Service provides you and all involved parties with customized, centralized access to multiple sources of information through one location.

BMS Web Portal Service | Efficient, Customizable and User-Friendly
  • One central location for all your case information
  • Offer up-to-date accurate information and distribute to everyone involved in the case
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Completely customized with a company color and logo

Integrated Banking Services  

TrustWorks is fully integrated with our banking partner, Rabobank, N.A.

BMS Integrated Banking
  • Conduct all banking through the BMS software
  • Receive daily updates to banking transactions in the BMS software
  • Electronic bank statements delivered automatically into your BMS software each month.

With our comprehensive solutions for Case Administration & Claims Distributions, an easy-to-use Web Portal Service and Integrated Banking systems, BMS offers the most complete package for corporate restructuring and liquidations on the market.

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