09 Feb 2017

Coming Soon: CaseLink Office Updates You’ll Love

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Starting later this month, we’ll be releasing an upgrade to CaseLink Office (and CaseLink Online) with workflow improvements and compliance updates that you’ll be sure to love!

The release will be rolled out over the course of several weeks:

  • CaseLink Office users will be prompted when the upgrade is available
  • CaseLink Online users will be notified by email when BMS is ready to perform the upgrade

Check out these updates coming in the new release below!

Schedule Importing Update:

  • You can expect better performance when using “Scrape Schedules” or “Scrape Scheduled Claims” for repeat scraping requests.

TFR Update:

  • Easier-to-use acknowledgement screen pops up when users choose between draft and final TFRs.
  • Certain actions performed after a final TFR will now generate a notification alerting you if Bank and Technology Service fees will be reinstated for the case. Actions include: making a deposit, receiving an incoming wire transfer, opening a new account, or removing the closed date.

Wire Form Updates:

  • The outgoing wire transfer form will be updated with a new version from Rabobank.
  • For the security of estate funds, the “Fiduciary Phone” field on the new Outgoing Wire Transfer form will be automatically populated with the Trustee’s cell phone number as listed with the challenge questions (Please note: This is the number that will be used by Rabobank for wire authorization call backs).

Compliance Updates:

  • The wage claim threshold has been updated to $12,850 as of 04/01/2016. Based on the Primary UTC Reference Guide, wage claim taxes that are over the threshold will be given the UTC of 7100 rather than 5800. The priority number will stay at 610 so it will not affect the order of the distribution on unsecured payroll taxes.
  • The “UST Handbook” under “Help” in the Global Menu will show Handbook updates as of September 2016.
  • The Trustee Interim Report (TIR) now reflects recent Handbook requirements for Form 3, TDRs, TFRs, and NFRs.

Upgrade CaseLink Office when you are prompted starting later this month to remain compliant with Handbook requirements and take advantage of these productivity-enhancing features!