12 Aug 2016

Meet CaseLink²

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Last week, we unveiled the upcoming evolution of our CaseLink platform – CaseLink²We can’t wait for you to experience all of the advantages of CaseLink² as you work through your daily tasks, but in the meantime, we invite you to explore the platform’s expanded features and functionality in this article!

Based on input from BMS clients around the country, CaseLink² was developed around four core needs of Chapter 7 offices:

  • Software interface should be easy to use
  • Provide ability to accomplish tasks quickly
  • Comply with all national and local rules
  • Provide a secure, cloud-based solution

Based on this feedback, CaseLink² offers a reimagined user interface combining the extensive functionality, nationwide compliance, and streamlined workflows of CaseLink Office, plus cutting-edge enhancements only possible in a web interface. Hence the name: CaseLink².

The new, intuitive user interface and simplified workflows offered in CaseLink² make it the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use case administration software in the industry.

Here are some key aspects that make CaseLink² unique:

Focus on your cases, not the technology

CaseLink² keeps the learning curve low so you can start working on your cases right away, without wasting precious time getting used to the ins and outs of the software. The platform’s simplified, intuitive navigation—shown below through the redesigned Home Screen—gets you started right away.

Bye bye, Portels

The CaseLink² user interface has been designed so that it all just makes sense. We’ve removed the portlets on the redesigned Case Information Screen and replaced them with tabs so you can access more of your case details faster. The portlets have also been removed from the Home Screen and replaced by panels of actionable information so you stay on top of any time-sensitive matters.


Get it done anywhere, and fast

Our developers spent months optimizing CaseLink² to be blazing fast so you can work on cases anywhere, anytime through a web browser. Plus, rest easy knowing your information is protected with all of your data backed up to our secure servers 24/7.

In addition to the blazing fast speed, new features like the Sidekick—shown below—help you to access cases, documents and run reports quickly and easily throughout the software.


Raise your productivity exponentially

Want to start using CaseLink² ? We want you to do so too!

Your BMS Account Manager will be discussing an upgrade schedule with your office in the near future; however, if you want to move faster, visit the CaseLink² page and submit the form to let them know you want to upgrade sooner.

In the meantime, sign up for a one or more CaseLink² classes this month offered through BMS University – each one focuses on a different feature in the new software. If you’re attending the NABT Convention in San Diego this September, make sure to stop by the “Satisfaction” room at the Hard Rock Hotel anytime during the conference, where we can show you an in-person demo of CaseLink².