20 Apr 2018

Chat with BMS Experts in CaseLink

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While administering your cases in CaseLink, you may have simple inquiries which you would rather have answered electronically than calling into the Support Center.

For these inquiries, the Chat feature is a convenient tool for you to instantly connect with BMS experts and receive quick responses to your case administration questions while allowing you to continue working within the software.

Some examples of Chat inquiries include:

  • Ask where to find a specific tool in CaseLink²
  • Find out how to access help articles or training videos
  • Request the import of missing cases or documents

To access Chat, simply click the    icon on the top right corner of your screen in CaseLink², and type your inquiry into the text box. In CaseLink Office, click the ‘Chat Support’ link at the top right corner of your screen.

For more in-depth counsel, you may contact your Account Manager, email the BMS Support Center or Banking Center, or call 800.634.7734.