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Real Property Sale Assistance. Real Results.

We’ve streamlined the short sale process by pre-approving bankruptcy properties with the servicers. It’s the fastest and simplest way to handle selling off properties that are part of a bankruptcy estate, and offers a no-hassle opportunity to increase the value of estates you administer while allowing debtors to avoid the foreclosure process.


Pre-Screened, Eligible Properties Guaranteed Carve-Out

Real Properties

We obtain approval and an acceptable minimum bid from servicers in advance and screen for properties that debtors intend to surrender. That way, you’ll be presented with only pre-approved, eligible properties to be considered for sale.

Real Payout

We guarantee a carve-out for the bankruptcy estate of either 5% of the winning bid or a minimum of $7,500 (whichever is greater) .

Let’s Get Real.

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A Real Win – Win for Everyone

With the streamlined process provided by RealAssist™, all parties involved in the sale benefit:

  • Debtors are saved the hassle of going through the painful foreclosure process
  • Servicers get a less costly process of selling the asset
  • Unsecured creditors are provided additional monies from the sale out of the carve out
  • You get more asset cases and receive these additional benefits while using RealAssist™:
Real Speed: Shortened Sales Timeline real-exposure.png

Real Speed:
Shortened Sales Timeline

Real Exposure:
Global Sales Platform

With a finite 21-day marketing period followed by up to 3 auctions, the properties you list through RealAssist™ sell fast so you can continue to close cases in a timely manner. The website is frequented by nearly 1.7 million buyers each month. Properties listed for sale through the RealAssist™ program get seen by buyers around the world.
real-returns.png real-flexibility.png

Real Returns:
Greater Sales Prices

Real Flexibility:
Choose Your Own Agent brings in traffic up to 100x greater than other sites. The bidding model and larger buyer pool helps to drive higher sales prices for properties while yielding greater returns for the estate. Choose your own listing agent, or receive a recommendation from We will work with your listing agent and provide consistent updates and communication for a totally stress-free experience.
real-ease.png real-trust.png

Real Ease:
File Motions Hassle-free

Real Trust:
Your Partners

With tailored templates provided by BMS, sign and file court documents with minimal effort on your part. As you list more properties through this program, motion templates will be delivered to your CaseLink software or RealAssist™ web portal. For over 25 years, BMS has worked to bring efficiency and productivity to complex case administration tasks. Working hand-in-hand with industry leader, we’ve carefully created a streamlined real estate program that’s easy for you to work with.

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