Communicate and Collaborate to Streamline 341(a) Meeting Preparation

There’s a good reason why DocLink  is considered the ultimate solution for 341(a) document management and collaboration between Chapter 7 Trustees and Debtor Attorneys; it’s the single best resource for completely automating the process for requesting, receiving and managing debtor documents—and it’s free of charge. DocLink  dramatically reduces the time and effort it takes to collect debtor documents for 341(a) meetings and quickly communicate with 3rd parties about any updates to your meeting schedule. No more searching for needed documents. No more manually sending notifications and reminders. More trustees use DocLink  in place of any other system to manage all their document requests—because it’s a terrific time-saver.
DocLink | Communicate and Collaborate to Streamline 341(a) Meetings

DocLink  provides Chapter 7 Trustee offices and Debtor Attorneys with:

Secure Document Uploading for All Parties

DocLink  lets you request and receive all your 341(a) meeting documents online—so you never have to search for a document again.

  • Collaborative web portal that allows debtor attorneys to upload their files to a specific, secure location
  • Files are uploaded to our secure servers and stored in an encrypted format for the highest level of security

Automated Document Retrieval

DocLink  resolves the issues that surround the long administrative time involved in processing, routing and printing files in preparation of 341(a) meetings.

  • Documents uploaded to DocLink  are automatically retrieved and filed in an appropriate case folder within our document management modules
  • Each party is immediately notified that the document is available, eliminating the need to print, distribute, process and store hard copies or send confirmation emails

A Single Location for Debtor Documents

DocLink  saves you time and helps you collaborate more effectively with debtor attorneys.

  • Real-time sharing of debtor documents in a single, fully-secure web location
  • DocLink ensures each party is kept up to date with automated delivery of documents and reminders

A Cloud-Based Portal for Anytime Access

DocLink  allows you to access important case data online and efficiently.

  • DocLink  is Cloud-based, so there’s no need to install any software
  • Access documents needed for 341(a) meetings at any time with any internet-enabled device, including your smartphone or tablet

An Intuitive, Customizable Interface

Not only is DocLink  easy to use with its simple user interface, you can also customize it to reflect your firm’s name and logo.

The DocLink  document management portal is available at no cost to users of either BMS Chapter 7 Case Administration solution: CaseLink Web  or CaseLink Office. DocLink  is also free to use for 3rd-party professionals who need to upload documents requested by trustees using BMS software platforms.

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DocLink is a life saver! Before DocLink, we would get thousands of pages of documents each month. Now, with DocLink, everything is delivered electronically and I no longer have to spend hours shredding sensitive documents after hearings. Being able to have titles for each requested document is wonderful. It allows me to ensure each requested document is properly received and which ones are still outstanding. And the attorneys and legal assistants love DocLink too. They tell me they love not having to stand at the copier making copies and the expense of mailing the voluminous documents.”

Pamela Bellina, Bankruptcy Trustee Paralegal
Millburn, NJ

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DocLink has streamlined my job and cut my workload in half! Before I would get huge emails with 100 plus-page PDF files—that I would have to download several times—now they’re all right there in DocLink for me to access when I need them.”

Wanda Toepper, Trustee Assistant
Pueblo, CO

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