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Anytime, Anywhere Access via the Cloud

CaseLink Web represents the next generation of Chapter 7 case administration by giving you the freedom to work at anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection—your home, office, the courthouse or any remote location. CaseLink Web is Cloud-based so your case information and documents are available and accessible via any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Built from the ground up, CaseLink Web follows a user-centric approach so everything is designed to make the tasks you perform easier and more intuitive.
CaseLink Web | Anytime, Anywhere Access via the Cloud

CaseLink Web provides Trustee offices with:

Intuitive, Web-based User Interface

Everyone uses case administration software differently, CaseLink Web offers the ability to customize according to your needs.

  • Adjust the layout of both the CaseLink Web home page and case overview screen to reflect what’s important to you
  • Designed around the needs of case administration software users to ensure the features in CaseLink Web are easy to use
  • Increase your teams productivity by using CaseLink Web where we have consolidated related functions, automated processes and reduced clicks spent on routine tasks
  • Intuitive application interface makes the learning curve quick and easy

Always Up-To-Date

With CaseLink Web, you don’t need to install or update software on your local computer or firm’s server.

  • CaseLink Web runs in the Cloud, all updates are done by BMS.
  • Each time you log into CaseLink Web,
 you’ll be using the most up-to-date version,
 with all the latest features.

The Highest Levels of Security

CaseLink Web  utilizes industry-standard SSL encryption to ensure the connection between your computer and the BMS servers are secure.

  • BMS servers are located in an enterprise-grade, SAS70 Type II-compliant facility (similar to those used by major financial institutions).
  • Daily scans by Nessus to proactively assess security issues.

341(a) Meetings Made Easier

CaseLink Web  has you organized and prepared from start to finish with 341(a) Meeting Prep features:

  • Intuitive wizards help you set up your 341(a) prep sheet and calendars exactly the way you need them to be.
  • Filter your cases and customize your questions in advance.
  • View case details during the 341(a) meeting or jump to the next case with a simple click.
  • Enter meeting notes real-time into CaseLink Web  when you have internet access.
  • Offline mode available for when you don’t have internet access.

The Most Robust Accounts Receivable Module

Stay on top of upcoming Account Receivable (AR) payments by tracking current and past due payments for the past 30, 60, or 90 days.

  • ARs are easier to track with the distribution of new deposits along with the creation of invoices and payment coupons.
  • Flexible payment schedules allow you to add account service fees, lock in down payments or interest, as well as include balloon payments and modify payment schedules as needed in the future.

All Your Banking on One Screen

We’ve pulled all the banking functions into one banking ledger screen—reducing the time it takes for you to enter or review data.

  • Easy to understand banking ledger screen (just like your personal online banking).
  • Banks reconciliation made easy with a side-by-side view.
  • All banking data is always synced, with balances automatically updated routinely.

Auditor Preparation Just Got Easier

Preparing for an audit does not need to be stressful anymore thanks to our Auditor tool.

  • Uncover potential issues to resolve in advance of your next audit through the Auditor Tool.
  • Cases or data issues that need further inspection can be saved to the sidebar to create a task list.
  • Create and update the ICQ document electronically and always keep the latest on file in CaseLink Web.

Find the data you need fast

Performing customized searches to find data or cases meeting specific criteria used to be quite a daunting task…but that’s no longer the case with CaseLink Web. We offer 3 levels of searches depending on your needs:

  • Quick Search – with a search assist feature guides you to the cases you are looking for.
  • Advanced Search – allows you to find a group of cases based on specific criteria.
  • Custom Queries – provides users with highly targeted searches based on conditions you set – all done in plain English.

Unmatched Service and Support

As a CaseLink Web user, you also get the unmatched service and support that made BMS famous:

Integrated Banking Services and
the BMS Banking Support Team

BMS has allied with Rabobank, N.A. part of the Rabobank Group—one of the world’s safest banks for over 10 years—to provide you the most robust, secure banking services available… with new lower fees.

  • Open and close account, write checks, transfer and wire funds, and stop payments… All directly from CaseLink Web.
  • The industry’s only Banking Support Team is focused exclusively on our client’s banking needs.

It’s easy to move to the Cloud—let BMS show you how. For additional information about CaseLink Web, or to schedule a demo, complete the form on the right.

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CaseLink Web has enabled me to become a truly paperless and more efficient Chapter 7 Trustee. I can now access my cases, reports and documents from any computer, including my iPad®, while I am conducting 341(a) meetings; I am no longer shackled to one computer at one location. I would highly recommend CaseLink Web to any Trustee seeking to streamline his/her practice.”

Josh Menard, Chapter 7 Trustee
Concord, NH

It is invaluable to be able to access my data wherever I have Internet access. The CaseLink Web interface is more intuitive and more user-friendly than the previous software platform I was using.”

David Stolver, Chapter 7 Trustee
Lee’s Summit, MO

I really like the idea of a cloud based app because I work from home and from an office. When I scale up, I’d like staff to be able to work remotely too.  CaseLink Web accommodates this perfectly.”

Sarah Little, Chapter 7 Trustee
Hayward, CA

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