01 Nov 2015

Celebrating Family: Recap of Bring Your Child to Work Day at BMS

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1Central to the tradition of Thanksgiving is the celebration of family, friends and loved ones. At BMS, we love our extended family!

On October 12, 2015, we held our inaugural Bring Your Child to Work Day—inviting BMS team members to bring their children to work for an activity-filled day of learning what it takes to create software and support our wonderful clients. In the spirit of fostering these young minds for the future, our tiniest team members got a chance to go behind the scenes and learn what their parents do each day – including talks with team members from our development, accounting, banking and marketing groups.

Plus, the kids learned about how the subjects they learn in school translate into the skills they need in order to work at a software company like BMS. The older children had an opportunity to speak with several BMS team members about college and STEM careers while the younger children got immersed in the BMS brand…with lots of green crafts!

Check out photos from the day below: