03 Nov 2014

CaseLink Web Users: Using HelpLink

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Using HelpLink in CaseLink Web

Open HelpLink

Along the top, in the global toolbar of CaseLink Web, you will find the HelpLink icon – it looks like a question mark within a circle. The icon is available from any screen in CaseLink Web.

CLW Global Toolbar - Help Icon

Click the icon and HelpLink will open in a separate tab in your web browser.
Hint: Drag the tab displaying HelpLink to separate it into another browser window and move it to an alternate screen so you can view the help article on one screen and work on the other.

Find What You’re Looking For

There are multiple ways to find what you’re looking for in HelpLink. We’ve drawn on familiar methods of navigating and searching so that finding material you’re looking for is simple and intuitive.

The HelpLink home page provides a Table of Contents containing key topics and featured articles for each topic. Also on the home page, you’ll find a series of tabs showcasing material grouped according to type. For example, you’ll find Guide contents listed under a single tab, and Reference material under another tab.

A tree view on the left hand side of the screen can be used to explore by topic. There’s also a search box in the top right hand corner that allows you to search by keyword. Use whichever method suits your learning style or preferred method of inquiry.

CLW-HelpLink Home Screen

Browse Related Topics

Another way you can find useful information is through ‘Related’ topics. Scroll to the bottom of any help topic to locate the ‘Related’ section. Here you’ll find a list of links to content on similar subjects or more advanced help. This can be useful when exploring a topic that’s new to you or when you want to know more about a specific area.

HelpLink Related Topics

Provide Feedback

All help articles on HelpLink include feedback buttons at the bottom of the page, just below the ‘Related’ section. You can click on the thumbs up or thumbs down icons to give your opinion to improve HelpLink. If you click on the thumbs down icon, a text box will appear so that you can provide us with detail on what you found lacking.

All comments are anonymous. However, if you would like to be notified when your issue has been addressed, include your contact information in the text box and we will get back to you as your feedback gets incorporated into HelpLink.