02 Feb 2016

Find Your Pot of Gold with the Batch Fee Update Tool

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Make sure you’re getting your pot of gold—the full compensation that you have earned—with the Batch Fee Update tool in CaseLink Web! The Batch Fee Update tool allows you to easily manage your payments so that you can make sure that you are getting the full compensation you’ve earned on every case.

Some trustees have reported that their local UST office has missed payments due to them on cases. Keeping track of the payments through CaseLink Web will help you mitigate these losses.

The Batch Fee Update tool has recently been expanded so you can work with partial fees across multiple cases, allowing you to view both full and partial payment statuses when searching through your cases. Plus, you can also export payment reports to CSV or PDF formats from the Batch Fee Update screen.

Though you are still able to view your fee payment status information on your case home screen, all updates to the fees must be made through the Batch Fee Update tool. To utilize the Batch Fee Update tool, select ‘Tools > Batch Fee Update‘ from the global menu at the top of the screen. You can search for cases by Criteria or Case, and filter further by Case Type, Paid Status, and Date Range. This will help you more easily find the cases you wish to update.

In addition, the column headers are sortable so you can scroll through by case number to capture all the cases paid on your statement. The filters and drop-down menu options in the Batch Fee Update tool now include  “Partially paid” and “IFP” (Informa Pauperis) checkboxes as search criteria.


Once you have filtered your cases, select the cases you would like to update by checking the box at the left of the paid cases in the list, then click the Select Action dropdown on the top right. You can mark these cases as Fee Paid or Unpaid, or use the Update option to enter in a partial payment amount. When entering partial fee payments, you will be able to add subsequent payments through this tool also and your case home screen portlet will update to include the entire amount paid.


If you have any questions, please contact the BMS Support Center via email, chat or by calling 800-634-7734. You can also reach out to your BMS Account Manager.