08 Jan 2015

CaseLink Web Security Protocols Keep Your Data Safe

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CaseLink Web Security Protocols Keep Your Data Safe

CaseLink Web Security ProtocolsFor BMS, security is a year-round affair, and we want you to know we’ve embedded security into every aspect of CaseLink Web. With built-in protective measures as well as physical security guarding its operations, CaseLink Web clients can rest assured that your professional activities and data are both secure and in compliance.

CaseLink Web is built in Java, a mature and proven programming language that has been in use around the world for over 10 years. Web-based applications developed in Java are used daily by major corporations and governmental institutions. In fact, 49% percent of banking industry applications are written in Java.
Designed with security in mind, CaseLink Web features several built-in methods of protecting your data, including:

  • Encryption of ECF data while at rest.
  • Use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) provides encrypted and authenticated communications between your computer and our cloud-based servers that hold your data.
  • An audit log is maintained for all logins.
  • Full journaling of all interactions with each case including user names and date/time stamps.
  • Daily scans by Nessus to proactively assess security issues.

In some cases, CaseLink Web is able to offer enhanced security by virtue of being located in the cloud. For example, CaseLink Web conducts nightly backups to BMS servers, which offer redundant backup. Automation ensures backups are timely, while redundancy provides for disaster recovery.

Physical security is also part of CaseLink Web. The application is hosted on BMS servers located in an ultra-secure, guarded facility that adheres to strict operational guidelines. Only specific BMS personnel can access the facility, which is protected by three-factor authentication. A 24/7/365 operations center monitors Internet connections and electrical and cooling operations.

If you have questions or would like more information about BMS Security Protocols for CaseLink Web, you are encouraged to contact the Hardware Technicians in the BMS Support Center at 800-634-7734, ext. 6 or via email.