04 Feb 2014

CaseLink Web: New IRS Tax Refund Turnover Report Calculates Breakdown of Tax Refunds to be added to Bankruptcy Estates

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BMS | CaseLink Web http://www.bmsadvantage.com/chapter7bankruptcy/caselink-webNew IRS Tax Refund Turnover Report Automatically Calculates Breakdown of Tax Refunds to be added to Bankruptcy Estates

Provides Calculations for Swift IRS Approval

Just in time for tax season, BMS would like to remind you about the new “IRS Tax Refund Turnover Report” recently introduced in CaseLink Web. This handy report allows you to determine the complete breakdown of the tax refunds due to each estate, providing you with accurate calculations for IRS approval. It will also help to assist you in reducing the time and effort required to intercept tax refunds. Follow the steps below to see how to access and run this report:

Step 1:

Using the Global Menu bar, locate Reports > Global Reports. (You can also locate the report by going directly into a case and clicking on Reports from the fish eye menu.)


Step 2:

Next, the Case Reports screen will open. You can select the IRS Refund Turnover Report.

Step 3:

Verify that the Debtor Info is correct and click on Generate Report. Check the box below this button to have a copy of the document saved in your Reports folder.

Before you generate the IRS Turnover Report there are some fields to take special note of. They are listed below:

  • Spouse Selection: In this drop down you have the option to choose SpouseSpouse Not Included in Bankruptcy and Spouse Included in Bankruptcy.
  • Community Property State: You have the option to select Yes or No, based on the previous Spouse Selection. 


Step 4:

Now, when you go back into the Case screen, a copy of the saved report will have been saved to your case documents folder. To locate the report, click on Documents in the “fish eye” menu bar on the case screen and open the Reports folder to find the saved IRS Turnover Report.


The IRS Turnover Report is helpful and easy to use. With properly entered data, it will help you receive swift IRS approval. If you have questions regarding the IRS Turnover Report, contact your Account Manager or our professionals in the BMS Support Center via email or call 800-634-7734, ext. 6.