08 Dec 2014

CaseLink Web: Introducing the ECF Dashboard

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Introducing the ECF Dashboard in CaseLink Web

All cases and documents that you receive from the court via ECF can now be found in our new ECF Dashboard…as they come in. This handy dashboard in CaseLink Web will save you lots of time as you can now check status on a document in one location rather than having to look at each case.

Benefits Include:

  • Cases, ECF documents and Exceptions are segregated.
  • Helpful filters provided so that you can quickly narrow down the information you need ­ for one case or a group of cases based on specific filter criteria that you choose.
  • Ability to print to PDF or Excel so that you can create your own custom reports and lists based on ECF documents and cases received.
  • Manage orphan documents quickly and easily to match to existing cases or attach to a new case.


What are some ways you might use this new ECF Dashboard? Write your comments below!