12 Jun 2013

CaseLink Web Enhanced in New Release Last Month



CaseLink Web Enhanced in New Release Last Month

BMS-CLW-Reversed-Stacked-LIThe newest release to CaseLink Web last month included several enhancements and key features designed to save you time, improve efficiency and most importantly to keep you in compliance with UST regulations. Several workflow solutions such as DSO, IDE, Gross to net transactions and 341(a) prep screen enhancements have been provided to give you greater accessibility and to provide you with more efficiency when performing these tasks.

Highlights Include:

New Features:

  • Integrated Email – You can now send and receive case-specific emails directly from CaseLink Web. All email attachments received are automatically saved in the corresponding documents folder for each case.
  • Quarterly Report – The fields and title of the report may be customized to fit the needs of your local district.

Updated Functionality:

  • Domestic Support Obligations (DSO) Process upgraded – including redesigned screens, a DSO portlet on the home screen, the ability to search for cases with DSO components and a global screen to print DSO letters for multiple cases in one batch.
  • Initial Debtor Examination (IDE) date – may be changed based on a continued 341(a) meeting date if the IDE did not occur during the first meeting.
  • Gross to Net tab on Deposit Screen – added ability to include more detail, reorder transactions and have greater control over wildcards within the net transactions.
  • Enhanced Asset Import – Allows more flexibility when importing assets from Schedule B into CaseLink Web and assigning UTC’s.
  • Claims Import Options – New options at the profile level gives you more control over how you import claims into CaseLink Web including converting claim name to all capitals, filling in a pre-set default amount into the Filed Amount field and the ability to set-up default UTC codes to Claim Priorities relationships and assign them automatically upon import.

In order to get the most productive use out of this release please log into https://bms7.webex.com and select Training Center > Attend a Session > Recorded Sessions and search for “CaseLink Web 3.0.4 Release” to review the recorded training session hosted by BMS Training & Development Manager, Karrie Spies.

CaseLink Web users: What do you think of the new features and updated functionality? Post a comment to let us know.




2 Responses to CaseLink Web Enhanced in New Release Last Month
  1. Jerald S. Enslein June 12, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    Although it is nice to learn of such improvements, it serves to heighten the mystery relating to the failure to have incorporated me into the web-based system despite my request for the same for nearly a year. It certainly causes me to reflect.

    • We’re so glad that you’re interested in a web-based system. And that’s exactly why so many of our team members have been working so diligently to add new features and update existing functionality to make sure that, when you start using CaseLink Web, you’re going to love it. Melinda Baugh and Deana Foster will be in touch with you shortly about CaseLink Web.

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