08 Dec 2014

CaseLink Web: End of Year Housekeeping Tips

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End of Year Housekeeping in CaseLink Office and TrustWorks

With the end of the year at hand, here are a few reminders of housekeeping tasks that will help you keep your data in good shape for 2014, and introduce best practices for 2015.

Identify Professionals Who May Need Tax Documents

Go to Reports > Global Reports, and run the Case Professionals Report. This will help you identify the cases that may have payments made to a professional in 2014.

Tip: Enter the date range to include all of 2014. You can also filter by professional type by checking the Filter by Professionals checkbox.


Update and Review Transactions

Ensure that the Payees and Claimants you have used this year have complete records for tax purposes. Enter in the address information, SSN/TIN, and check the Print 1099 box.

Update Expense Defaults

Review the amounts charged for items such as copies, electronic searches and mileage. Go to Profile > Expense Descriptions to update these items. If expense amounts have changed during the year, you may be missing reimbursement for true out-of-pocket expenses. Now is the time to make adjustments.

Are you missing any expense items? Review out-of-pocket expenses and make sure you entered all expenses such as costs associated with document searches and deed/title verification.

Other Cleanup Items

Remove old Favorite Cases. Go to Cases > Favorite Cases and review the list. If cases have closed, you can remove them from your list.

File Email Messages. File messages to cases (if not automatically filed) and then clean up and delete email that is no longer required. You can access email from the icon in the lower toolbar, or from Communication > Email Messages.


Delete Unnecessary Tasks. Go to Tasks and tidy up any that no longer apply or any that do not need to be closed and viewed in Closed Tasks.