05 Jul 2017

Chapter 7 Practice Takes Plunge into Cloud-Based Software

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Wisconsin Trustee, Michael Dubis, and his assistant, Tiffany Obermeyer – located near Milwaukee, WI – liked their desktop software, but wanted web-based flexibility. After taking the plunge and switching to CaseLink², they are floating on total software satisfaction with familiar Office features and powerful web functionality.

Trustee Dubis had only ever used desktop-based software (including CaseLink Office by BMS) since his 1973 panel appointment. However, he wanted to explore new waters, so in 2015 he switched to CaseLink Web. While appreciating the flexibility the software provided, Trustee Dubis, Ms. Obermeyer and their other team members missed certain workflows of Office not replicated on the web-based platform at the time.

“We liked a lot of features in Web, but, back then, there were capabilities in Office we missed,” Ms. Obermeyer says.

Hearing their concerns, Account Manager Melanie Patton threw a life raft their way. Ms. Patton immediately began to train them on many of the processes that were streamlined and improved in the web-based software, which soon helped them acclimate.

“When Melanie began helping us, we were much more satisfied,” Ms. Obermeyer says. “She definitely made sure our needs were met.”

“The software streamlines so many of our regular tasks. We save so much time on things like preparing and filing documents after 341(a) hearings.”
Tiffany Obermeyer, Assistant to Trustee Michael Dubis

With her head above water, Ms. Obermeyer began to enjoy the benefits of working on the web. So, when their office heard about CaseLink², they considered taking the plunge.

“I wasn’t sure about it at first,” Ms. Obermeyer says. “But when we decided to upgrade, it was a smooth and effortless transition.”

Since diving into Caselink², Trustee Dubis, Ms. Obermeyer and their other staff members have found true equilibrium with the platform’s familiarity to CaseLink Office and the flexibility of the web.

“We are very satisfied since switching to CaseLink²,” Ms. Obermeyer said. “The program is so easy-to-use and navigate, and it all works together so well.”

With its similarities to Office, Ms. Obermeyer has taken to the software like a fish to water. Her comfort is even more amplified with the platform’s new productivity-enhancing features.

“The updated Claims screen has made our job so much easier,” Ms. Obermeyer says. “I love that we can access all our assets and claims right in the same screen.”

“Distributions are also much easier with the ability to run sample distributions,” Ms.Obermeyer adds.

In addition to these benefits, Ms. Obermeyer is operating swimmingly with the time-saving features in CaseLink².

“The software streamlines so many of our regular tasks,” Ms. Obermeyer says. “We save so much time on tasks like preparing and filing documents after 341(a) hearings.”

With software that keeps her afloat in her duties, Ms. Obermeyer is propelled even further by the support she has received from her Account Manager, Melanie Patton, and the BMS Support Center.

“With Melanie’s help, our office automated printing our file cover sheets and labels, saving us a lot of effort,” Ms. Obermeyer says. “We didn’t even know that was possible until I mentioned to Melanie how tedious the manual process was and she said, ‘We can help with that!’ She really showed us how our processes can be made more efficient by adopting the productivity-enhancing features in the software.”

“The support has been fantastic,” Ms. Obermeyer adds. “I can’t say enough good things about Melanie. She is on top of everything, and if she can’t answer our question, she always finds someone who can. That makes for a phenomenal rep, let me tell you.”