08 Dec 2014

CaseLink Office and TrustWorks: End of Year Housekeeping Tips

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End of Year Housekeeping in CaseLink Office and TrustWorks

With the end of the year at hand, here are a few reminders of housekeeping tasks that will help you keep your data in good shape for tax forms next month while closing out 2014 and introduce best practices for 2015.

Identify Professionals Who May Need Tax Documents

Go to Reports, UST Forms, and run the Case Professionals Report. This will help you identify the cases that may have payments made to a professional in 2014.

Tip: Enter the date range to include all of 2014. You can also limit your results by searching for Fees Only or Chapter 7 only.


Update and Review Repetitive Payee List

Ensure that the Payees and Claimants you have used this year have complete records for tax purposes.

Enter in the address information, SSN/TIN, and check the Print 1099 box.


Cleanup of Tables

Over the course of the year we tend to add to the default lists in CaseLink Office. The end of year is a good time to review default lists, including:

  • Ledger Descriptions
  • Expense Descriptions
  • Attention Reasons
  • QuikText Descriptions

Eliminate infrequently used items, edit items, and tidy up duplicates.


Update Expense Items

Go to Tables and update the defaults on any expense items that have changed for 2015.

If the allowable expense amounts for copies, electronic searches and requests, or paper products have increased, reflect those changes for future cases. If you have not been collecting expenses on items and can expense in your area, add these to the list. This way you will not miss an opportunity to add them in future cases.


Use the search feature to locate items to delete such as tax returns.

Do a search, then go to Selected View and choose Delete.