01 Nov 2016

CaseLink Office How-To: Received Items in Bank Activity

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In CaseLink Office, it is important to review the Received Items section under Bank Activity to make sure no financial transaction slips through the cracks. Still not sure what to do with these items?  Below are some tips that may help you.

What are received items?

Received items are transactions that were processed manually by Rabobank.  These include:

  • Incoming Wire Transfers
  • Outgoing Wire Transfers
  • CHK – Checks processed at the bank with either different amounts and/or different check numbers than was entered in the BMS software
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) In Debit – Preapproved auto-debits from account
  • ACH In Credit – Preapproved auto-credits into account
  • MIS (Miscellaneous transaction) – Any other transactions performed by the bank manually (i.e. interest adjustments)

Where can I locate received items?

Click on Bank Communication > Bank Activity > Received Items, as shown below.



What should I do with received items?

There are two options to choose from:

Mark as Reviewed:

You can mark items as reviewed if they already exist on the ledger, including deposits, manually-processed checks, bank-initiated interest adjustment credits or debits, or outgoing wire transfers.  Selecting this option will remove the item from the window without posting it to the ledger again.  Further action may be needed when this option is selected, such as filling in the “processed by bank” date on the deposit or check that was manually processed.

Post to ledger:

You can post to ledger those items that were not initiated by the trustee and do not exist on the ledger, including incoming wire transfers, ACH debits/credits, returned deposits, or checks due to NSF. These items can be posted to ledger and handled as any other banking ledger item. If the item has already been entered onto the ledger and it appears in the “received items” it should not be posted to ledger as this will create a second entry.