02 Dec 2013

CaseLink Office Housekeeping Tips for Year End Tasks

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CaseLink Office Housekeeping Tips for Year End Tasks


As the year comes to an end, we thought a few housekeeping reminders may be helpful. In this article, we provide tips on locating payments to professionals, updating repetitive payee lists, and cleaning up your default tables for quick and easy access to your preset lists. There’s no need to wait…start cleaning up your data now to be ready for year end tasks.

Locate Payments to Professionals in Cases

Whenever you pay a professional to help you with services for an estate, they become an employee of that estate. This income is then taxed and tracked in the form of 1099’s. Copies are to be sent to the IRS and to the professional who provided the service. This report is designed to help you to identify these professionals and to provide them with the needed tax documents for the end of the year. The deadline to provide 1099’s to professionals is January 31, 2014. The deadline to provide 1099’s to the IRS is February 28, 2014 if using paper forms and March 31, 2014 if e-filing.

To locate payments in CaseLink Office go to Reports, UST Forms, and run the Case Professionals Report (Figure 1).

Tip: Enter the date range to include all of 2013.  You can also limit the field by searching Fees Only and Chapter 7 Only. This will help you identify the cases in which payments may have been made to a professional for 2013.


Figure 1: Case Professionals Report in CaseLink Office

Update and Review Repetitive Payee List

Complete records are needed to properly report earnings to the IRS for each professional paid by the estate. Many times multiple payments are made for these services, with some payments coded and others not. With inconsistent coding you risk reporting incorrect earnings.

In CaseLink Office go to the Repetitive Payee List to ensure that the payees and claimants you used this year have their complete tax records. Highlight their name from the list, then enter in their address information, social/TIN, and check the box Print 1099 (as shown in Figure 2).


Figure 2: Repetitive Payee List in CaseLink Office

Clean-up of Tables

Table options allow you to create your own default lists, which expedite your data entry process. These lists allow you to select from presets, rather than individually typing in the information each time. The lists can grow over the year as you add set up items you think you will use, but then don’t. Rather than sifting through lists of data, review the default lists, eliminate items not frequently used and tidy up any duplicates.

Tip: Try to keep your default lists to no more than 10 of your frequently used items.

To edit the items in CaseLink Office, go to Options and choose Delete.

Recommended Lists to Review:

  • Ledger Descriptions
  • Expense Descriptions
  • Attention Reasons
  • QuikText Descriptions

These tips will help you clean up your records at the end of the year so that you start the busy new year off right. If you have questions regarding any of these processes in CaseLink Office, contact our professionals in the BMS Support Center via email or call 800-634-7734, ext. 6. They can walk you through the step-by-step process.

Are there other housekeeping tips you think other trustee offices should know about? Share them here.