05 Oct 2016

CaseLink² User Savors Her Sweet New Software

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Like an assortment of jelly beans, the flavors may differ but each one is just as delicious as the one before. Trustee Assistant and longtime BMS user Donna Earnest loved the functionality of both CaseLink Office and CaseLink Web, but she is now savoring the sweetness of her new software, CaseLink².

Ms. Earnest is the Trustee Assistant for Chapter 7 Trustee Sandra K. McBeth, who has been on panel in California since 1997. They first started using CaseLink Office by BMS, which they loved; however, when they heard that BMS had a cloud-based software platform, CaseLink Web, they were curious to try it out. For Ms. Earnest and Ms. McBeth, the accessibility of CaseLink Web was a sweet surprise.

CaseLink Web made it so much easier for us to access the system whenever we needed it,” Ms. Earnest says. “We didn’t think it would be such a big thing when we started, but we found it to be very handy to be able to access our caseload outside of the office, such as during a hearing or on the way to a conference. Now, that is a necessity for us.”

Due to their honeyed experience with CaseLink Web, Ms. Earnest and Ms. McBeth were very willing to “taste test” the newest evolution of CaseLinkCaseLink². To their delight, CaseLink² has been a delicious treat from the very first bite. “So many of our processes have been streamlined,” Ms. Earnest says. “The organization is also great – I can easily find my documents whenever I need them, and I can easily manipulate my screens the way I need them to be.”

While some software platforms may have a bit of a learning curve, which can be hard to swallow, Ms. Earnest and Ms. McBeth were very pleased to discover that CaseLink² has been very easy to use from the get-go. “CaseLink² is very similar to CaseLink Office, which we are very comfortable and happy with,” Ms. Earnest says. “It is also just a very user-friendly software. It’s great.”

Now that they are using CaseLink², the accessibility they loved about CaseLink Web is even more enhanced, which Ms. Earnest says has had a very positive effect on their practice. “The accessibility of the platform has increased our productivity 100%,” Ms. Earnest says. “I can pull up my caseload whenever I need to, and I don’t have to be in the office as much. I’m very comfortable using CaseLink² outside of the office, so that is a great asset. The accessibility and ease of use is what I love the most about CaseLink².”

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