01 Nov 2017

BMS Vault Makes Bank Statement Review Easy as Pie

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Since its nationwide debut for all UST districts in September 2017, BMS Vault has completely revolutionized how UST Personnel access Trustee bank statements. Gone are the days of tediously printing all of your monthly bank statements to send along with your TFRs or TDRs – your UST reviewer now has electronic access to your statements through the Vault – saving you tons of time and money!

BMS Vault, our secure, FedRAMP-compliant bank statement repository allows UST personnel in all regions across the country to securely access your monthly bank statements, so that you no longer have to submit those along with your TFRs or TDRs.

All BMS partner banks’ monthly statements going as far back as March 2013 are accessible through BMS Vault. For bank statements prior to March 2013 or for accounts at banks not partnered with BMS, you will still need to submit paper copies of original bank statements.

There’s nothing you have to do to have your estates’ statements placed on the BMS Vault – it’s automatic for all Chapter 7 clients in all UST Regions. All you need to do is let your UST reviewer know in your transmittal email that they can now find the appropriate monthly bank statements on BMS Vault – and that’s it!

Here’s an example of the message that you can include in your Transmittal email:

I am submitting my TFR for Case #___________ (Debtor Name:_______________).

The monthly statements for the bank accounts from Month YYYY to Month YYYY for this case may be found on the BMS Vault. Since you are able to access these bank statements directly through BMS Vault, original bank statements are not being submitted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

If you have any issues with access the BMS Vault, please contact the Vault administrator at the EOUST.

Thank you.



Check out our list of frequently asked questions about BMS Vault and which situations will still require original bank statements to be submitted.

You can also contact the BMS Banking Center with any questions from 8 am to 5 pm ET Monday through Friday at 800-634-7734, or at any time at Banking@BMSAdvantage.com.