02 Feb 2014

BMS Training Helps Out These Raving Fans

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BMS Training Helps Out These Raving Fans

Raving-Fan.267Duane Gillman’s office in Salt Lake City, UT can’t help but rave about the training they’ve received over the years from BMS! Angie Stettler, Trustee Assistant, and her colleague, Jessica Thorsen, Paralegal, know the value of BMS training. They have both taken multiple BMS trainings with their Account Manager,  Melanie Patton, and BMS Training and Development Manager, Karrie Spies.

Melanie Patton

Melanie Patton, BMS Account Manager

When Jessica first started as a paralegal, she was able to participate in a local trustee assistant training session when her BMS account manager arranged to have both new and experienced trustee assistants/paralegals in the area meet together. She also invited the local UST to participate in this open-style forum.  Melanie went over BMS software training and UST training on polices and procedures. Jessica told us “how great it was to be able to talk to other people who were also learning the software and policies for the first time.” With the local UST present, “we also got to ask a lot of questions too!” After the meeting, Melanie followed up with everyone who attended and soon found out that after the training all the assistants continued to call each other.

Karrie Spies

Karrie Spies, BMS Training and Development Manager

Angie, on the other hand, utilizes the variety of live webinars and recorded trainings available on the BMS Training Portal. She has been able to choose the ones that work best for her schedule. She tells us, “I was so impressed with Karrie Spies – she is so knowledgeable and simply amazing! Karrie is able to easily communicate bankruptcy policies and procedures in an easy to understand way. She knows how to craft trainings that are not only informative but easy to follow. I love that I can pause her recorded courses and come back to them as time allows.”

At BMS, we strive to provide you with the best services around with the knowledgeable professionals to support you. If you haven’t had the chance to take one of our live webinars or recorded training classes, now is the time – check one out today! Live webinars are offered each week while recorded trainings are available at anytime – with some only five minutes long.

Have you taken one of our webinars or recorded trainings recently? Is there a topic you would like to learn about? Let us know below.