19 Nov 2013

BMS Tips and Tricks Help Out this Raving Fan

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BMS Tips and Tricks Help Out this Raving Fan

Raving-Fan.267Roberta Napolitano, a Connecticut Trustee, has been a BMS client for over 15 years. Over the years, she has spent a lot of time using BMS software, but has found the service she gets from her Account Manager Angie Vitale, to be the most valuable part of BMS.


Angela Vitale, Senior Account Manager

Angie, and our entire Account Management team, is backed with years of invaluable industry experience. With expertise in the administration of bankruptcies, corporate restructurings and liquidations, you have access to a knowledgeable team of experts that can help make your practice successful. Add to this our archive of training videos and classes, BMS is a single point of contact for all your bankruptcy administration support needs.

What are some of the things your BMS Account Manager has done to help you out? Tell us your story by letting us know what tips or tricks they have shared that have helped you out below.