03 Sep 2015

BMS Team Goes for Gold in BMS Green

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At BMS, we always go for the gold…er…GREEN! To us, victory is gaining the satisfaction of our clients – and we beat out the competition time and time again with our superior platform, support, and training, which we refer to as the BMS Advantage.

With every great team, there are the fighting colors that unite and reinforce its winning spirit – and Team BMS is no exception. Our BMS green symbolizes how far we have come in the bankruptcy management industry – from pioneering the first bankruptcy management software, to leading the industry as the top bankruptcy management platform today.

We at BMS are fiercely proud of our history as we lead the way into the future of bankruptcy management, and thus we sport our BMS green as much as we can! Check out the many ways BMS staff wear and use the BMS green below!

Send us photos of how you use BMS green in your office or home! We’d love to share the unique ways you use BMS green with others.

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