02 Oct 2013

BMS Support Center Resolves Server Crisis for Arizona Trustee

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Raving Fan:

BMS Support Center Resolves Server Crisis for Arizona Trustee

BMS Raving FanOn September 1st of this year, William Pierce celebrated his 18th year as a US Bankruptcy Trustee in Arizona. He began his career, and became a BMS client, in 1995. Bill tells us what a “tremendous asset BMS has been in helping to manage my caseloads”. With over 30,000 cases during the course of his career, we are certainly glad we could help, especially in a crisis.

A few months ago, Bill realized his server was on the verge of crashing. Instead of calling his Field Technician, who may have been assisting another client, he called the BMS Support Center. Robert Prater, BMS Field Technician Supervisor, was there to pick up the phone and walk him through this crisis. “I really appreciate the one-on-one service Robert provided me with,” says Bill. After triaging Bill’s immediate needs, Robert dispatched Field Technician Ron Morris to Bill’s office for a more permanent solution. Ron assessed the situation and got right to work. He stayed in Bill’s office for several hours late into the night to ensure the server downloaded all of the necessary data from the backup files. “Ron provided tremendous assistance for us” commented Bill. “He is a very dedicated individual”. By calling the BMS Support Center first, William was back up and running quickly.

Ron and the rest of the BMS Hardware team are experts in maintenance and support; sharing their expertise with our clients is all part of the BMS advantage. If you are experiencing any hardware problems, remember to call the Support Center first. They are the quickest way to get the immediate support you need. Our expert hardware (and software) support team members can be contacted through email or by calling 800-634-7734, ext. 6.

If you have a story about how an individual or a team at BMS has helped you, please share it with us! Leave a comment here or send us an email. We always look forward to hearing from our fans.