14 Apr 2014

There is a Faster Way to Order UPS Supplies

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Trustee Tip:

Order UPS Supplies Online Not by Phone

ups-logo-170BMS has made it easier (and more convenient) to reorder UPS supplies. Instead of calling into the UPS call center, you may now order supplies online at www.campusship.ups.com.

By using this link, you may order UPS labels, boxes and envelopes all in one place. Follow the steps below to see how easy it is to order supplies using UPS through BMS.

Step 1: Log into www.campusship.ups.com and enter the BMS dedicated User ID and Password:

BMS User ID upssuppliesbms

BMS Password BMSorder1 

Click Log In to continue to ordering site.


After logging in, you will be taken to the UPS CampusShip site. Here, you choose the Shipping or Resource tabs. The shipping tab gives you the options to create a shipment, view history, void a shipment or choose shipping preferences. The resource tab gives you a variety of general UPS resources, including the option to order supplies.

Step 2: To order UPS supplies click on the Order Supplies link under General Resources. This link will take you to the Order Supplies page under the Shipping tab. From this view you can order envelopes, labels, packaging, pouches and more.


Step 3: To select UPS supplies click on the items you want to order, enter in the quantity, check the box Update Supplies Order and click Add Selected to Your Order. To continue ordering more supplies click on the Return to Supplies Menu link to return to the previous page.


Step 4: To complete a UPS order click on the View Your Supplies Order link to review your order..


Under Review Your Supplies Order in the Your supplies Order window you have to option to change quantities, remove items or continue shopping.


Under the Shipping Information box, make sure to click on the Edit Ship-To Address link. This will  allow you to change the mailing address fields from the BMS Corporate Office (default) to your direct office. You can choose to cancel your order or continue shopping from this screen. To complete order click Submit Order.

NOTE: You must change the default address to your mailing address in order to receive your UPS supplies.



New information about ordering UPS Supplies online can also be found on the BMS MyResources page. Once logged into MyResources, go to the sidebar on the left of MyResources to locate Trustee Administration Supplies. From here you can access the dedicated BMS UPS link as well as a downloadable Quick Start Up Guide.

MR11If you have questions regarding how to order supplies or access the www.campusship.ups.com website, contact the BMS Support Center via email or call 800-634-7734, ext. 6 or your BMS Account Manager. They can easily answer any questions you may have.