05 Nov 2015

Bankruptcy Forms to be Updated on Dec. 1, 2015

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On December 1, 2015, a comprehensive set of new Bankruptcy forms were introduced and implemented nationwide across all courts.

The format of the new forms is visually different – including use of checkboxes and concise instructions. Other changes include:

  • Separate forms will be required for individuals versus non-individuals filing bankruptcy:
    • Forms for Individuals will start in the 100s
    • Forms for Non-Individuals in the 200s
  • Court forms in the 300s
  • Director’s forms in the 400s
  • Consolidation of several schedules
  • Dramatic changes to the SOFA
  • Several new forms have been added as well

Download Our Guide to the New Bankruptcy Forms

To help our clients manage these changes, BMS has created this handy guide that summarizes the changes and highlights key changes that are of value from a Trustee perspective.


View a Recorded Webinar

In November, we hosted the webinars entitled, “Finding Treasure on the new Bankruptcy Forms – Effective December 1, 2015.” You can view one of these recorded webinars on BMS University under the Course Catalog (click “Recordings from Live Weekly Classes” to view.)

To learn more about the upcoming changes, please visit the U.S. Courts website’s overview page here.