01 Jan 2016

Avoid Bloatware when Installing Java Updates

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crowded-desktopx170x100Cutting out junk food this year? Cut out junk software while you’re at it! This year, keep your computer healthy by regularly updating your Java software to patch any security vulnerabilities, and avoid installing bloatware (miscellaneous junk software add-ons) by carefully reading installation instructions.

Check out a few tips on updating your Java software to make sure no extra software gets installed in the process.

Updating Java

Java is a useful, free software program that allows your internet applications to run smoothly. It is important to keep Java up-to-date to eliminate any security vulnerabilities contained in previous versions. We recommend that you regularly check for Java updates. Check out instructions to do this for Windows and Mac computers, below!

Staying Cautious When Updating Java

It is important to be cautious when updating your Java software and to read all of the instructions as you go through the installation process, since there may be miscellaneous software downloads bundled with the update. Since Java is provided for free, developers pay to have their software included in its latest updates.

For example, the bundled software can change your default home page and search engine or install a toolbar on your browser—a tactic to get you to try their software that is time-consuming to remove.

Luckily, this bloatware can be avoided. Usually when such software is included in a Java update, there is an option to decline such installations—whether it is a checkbox or a “Decline” button, as shown below.


A good way to catch these unwanted downloads before they occur is to carefully read the instructions in the Java update installer, and decline any miscellaneous downloads.

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