03 Sep 2014

Avoid Asset Report Errors on Form 1 in CaseLink Office

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Product Tip:

Avoid Asset Report Errors on Form 1 in CaseLink Office

By running the Asset Report you will be able to see the actual calculation of the columns, displaying the values for liens, exemptions and other costs. This display will clearly show you how the net values are calculated.

Calculations this report can produce include:

  • Asset Memos
  • The UTC code
  • Abandoned status
  • Remaining Value

Running the Asset Report

It’s easy to run the asset report. From the global tool bar, choose Reports > Other > Asset Report.


The Parameters for Asset Report window will open. In this view you have many options to choose, enabling you to customize this report in various way, by selecting:

  • Case: you can run this report for one or all cases.
  • Assets: can be run for all or isolated to specific assets only.
  • Report Type: by selecting the Details radio button, you can enable Sales Selection Options.
  • Additional Filters: enable you to include/exclude asset statuses, such as Assets Without Sales, Fully Administered Assets and Cases With a TFR Date or Closed Date.
  • Save Defaults: this button allows you to save the report in your desired format.


As you can see in the example below, we ran the Asset Report selecting all assets in one specific case. We chose a details report to include all sales along with no sales, FA status and closed dates.

AR2You will also find this report helpful when reconciling Form 1 and when trying to track Account Receivable payments to a single asset.

If you need further assistance, have additional questions or how to better use the information contained within the Asset Report, please contact the BMS Support Center via email or call 800-634-7734, ext. 6 or your Account Manager.