15 Sep 2014

Attracting People and Prospects

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Maximizing Your Facebook Presence

We showed you the basics of how to set up your Facebook business Page in our previous article on social media. Now we’ll be looking at more advanced uses of Facebook to magnify your business presence with potential clients.

Creating Fans on Facebook

Using Facebook effectively requires active participation on your Page through regular posting of content, including Status updates, photos, and videos. By posting regularly, you can attract “Fans,” Facebook’s term for people who have clicked the “Like” button for your Page. Fans will automatically receive updates to your Page in their timelines.

Due to the viral nature of Facebook, having Fans creates more Fans, as Page Likes and Page updates are often shared. But how do you get your first Fans? One way is by joining professional Groups, which you can do by entering relevant keywords into Facebook’s search box.

Once you’ve joined Groups, you can invite members to Like your page and become Fans by using the Build Audience menu located in the upper right hand corner of your Page. Pull down the menu and select Invite Friends, and then choose your Group. You can also use Invite Friends to connect with individuals you know from a business context.

As you post updates to your Page, your content will begin to attract Likes and comments. Anyone who engages with your content is a good candidate for an invitation to Like your Page and become a Fan. Remember that people often list their physical location and occupation on their Facebook profile, which means it’s easy to see if someone could be a potential client.

Using Facebook Apps for Engagement

Posting updates to Facebook is a pretty straightforward way of interacting with your audience. You post about a topic, people then comment, and then you respond back in comments.  But there are many Facebook apps that provide additional ways to engage with your audience. Some apps also provide shortcuts that can be useful in day-to-day management of your Page.

You’ll find Apps under the Settings tab at the top of your Page. Spend some time viewing your options, and remember that you can always remove an app if you don’t like it. Some apps you might want to consider include those that let you manage a mailing list on your Page; those that allow you to cross-post your Facebook updates to Twitter; and those that let you manage events.

Advertising and Measuring your Reach

One way to bring more people to your Page and create Fans is to buy advertising on Facebook, using its self-serve system. There are two ways to advertise: through space ads and through boosted posts. Space ads come in various sizes and shapes and typically include a photo or artwork. For more information on creating space ads on Facebook, visit https://www.facebook.com/business.

Another way to advertise is by boosting your posts. Facebook has a helpful page of questions and answers on this topic, but the idea is that you pay to place one of your posts in other people’s timelines. You may have noticed the Boost Post button under each of your posts, which allows you to promote individual posts quickly. As long as you feature high quality content, this can be a good way of attracting more people to interact with your page.

One of the advantages to advertising on Facebook is that you can target various demographics by filtering the audience for your ads based on country, state and city, gender, age, workplace, and more. You can also use Facebook’s Insights tab, located at the top of your Page, to see how your advertising is performing. This allows you to adjust your advertising based on performance.

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