02 Apr 2013

Consolidate Debtor Attorney Records in CaseLink

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Trustee Tip:

Consolidate Debtor Attorney Records in CaseLink

What do you do when a new case gets assigned to you and you notice the Debtor Attorney name does not match any existing records in CaseLink?

Rather than immediately creating a new record for the “new” Debtor Attorney name, check to see if they are already listed under another variation of their name. Why is it important to check? Because, doing so will help to prevent duplicate entries in your Professional Table. In addition, consolidating Debtor Attorney records will also ensure that the correct attorney will be notified of the case assignment and 341(a) meeting document requests through DocLink.

In CaseLink Office:

Instead of manually searching the professionals table in CaseLink Office, on the Case Import window, click on the drop-down list next to the attorney’s name and you will see a list of all of the Debtor Attorneys.  If you find that the attorney is already listed, select the attorney’s name (this creates a link between the two) and any new cases will be linked to the correct name in the future.  If it is not already listed, you will need to tell the program to add the attorney by scrolling to the top of the list and selecting “<Add Attorney>”.

Once you have created the link between the two names, any new cases that show either name will be “mapped” to the correct entry in your Professionals Table.

Case Import Mapping

If you click on the “Mapping” button while in the QuikDocs Import Cases screen, you will see all of your current mappings.  In the example above, there are three different spellings for Attorney Robert J. Johnson and they all map to the Professional entry with code RJJ.

In CaseLink Web:

In order to map this processgo to the Homepage and the “Debtor Attorneys to be Assigned” portlet.


Next you will click on the ‘Case Number Hyperlink’ and the following screen will display:


CaseLInk Web provides a suggested match based on the information provided in DocLink. If the suggested match is the same attorney that is on the petition, then you may choose the suggested match from the drop down and click ‘Match’. If the attorney does not exist in the database and there is no suggested match then you may click on the ‘Add new DA’ button.


By following the outlined procedures, you will be able to reduce the variation in Debtor Attorney records allowing for more automated case and document requests for future cases. Remember, garbage in = garbage out. Your BMS case administration and document management systems will work far more efficiently with cleaner records. For more information view the “Claim Import Options” training session at https://bms7.webex.com.