02 Apr 2013

Raving Fan feels like She’s Home Again after Switching Back to BMS

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Raving Fan feels like she’s Home Again after Switching Back to BMS

BMS client, Judy Cole – a trustee assistant in Rochester, NY, tells us how excited she is to be back with BMS.

“We moved away from BMS to move to a no-fee bank like many other offices in our district. Not having the BMS Banking Center team to work with, I had to deal with my new bank directly. It was time consuming since, every time I called, I had to explain how their processes (or errors) created problems for our office. They just didn’t understand the banking needs for bankruptcy trustees.”

“When our no-fee bank told us they were leaving the industry and our software vendor didn’t have another no-fee bank that we could transition over to, I couldn’t wait to go back to BMS and their better software, amazing service and outstanding support.”

“BMS made the migration process so smooth and easy! Our BMS account executive, Brian Soper, was so responsive – scheduling the computer equipment to be delivered one day, followed by a visit by the BMS Field Tech the following day to set-up the equipment and, finally, having our BMS Account Manager, Angie Vitale, come to our office on the third day to get us trained on the latest BMS software. She cleaned up the data from our other provider and entered in the information for the missing fields in advance to minimize downtime for me and my Trustee. We were up and running the very first day.”

“Thank you, BMS for the service and support!”

Well, Judy, thank you so much for sharing your BMS migration experience with us. We’re so glad to that you’re back with BMS and are enjoying the BMS Advantage!

If you have a story about how an individual or a team at BMS has helped you, please share it with us! And if you have suggestions for improvement, we’d like to hear them as well, so that we can have the chance to “wow” you, too. Please email us at BMS@bms7.com. We hope to hear from you soon!