02 Jun 2017

Android Wi-Fi Port Apps Pose Security Risks

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Hundreds of Android apps have been found to pose security risks by opening insecure ports which allow hackers to remotely steal user data – such as contacts, photos, or other personal information – or even install malware.

The most common Android apps at risk include WiFi File Transfer, AirDroid, PhonePal, and Virtual USB, each of which allow users to connect their smartphone to their PC to send text messages, transfer files, or use their phone as a proxy to connect to the rest of the Internet.

To protect your data and PII, uninstall the affected apps immediately — WiFi File Transfer, AirDroid, Phonepal, and Virtual USB — if you have them on your smartphone. In addition, always use caution when granting apps access to your personal information.

To learn more about the security risks found in these apps, click here to read the full Wired.com article.