02 Apr 2013

Adding Additional Users for TrustWorks Online

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TrustWorks Tip:

Adding Additional Users for TrustWorks Online

TrustWorks by BMS

Each TrustWorks Online user must have their own unique user account and password – this information is never to be shared. TrustWorks Online has been designed to track the activity of each user which means each account can only be used by one individual at a time. If everyone in the office is sharing a common login it is simply impossible to separate which tasks are completed by whom; therefore, if everyone has their own unique individual login then everyone can work in the software simultaneously.

In order to add an additional user to TrustWorks Online, please submit a request to Morgan Wisbey, TrustWorks account manager, via email. The email can be written by anyone, however it must be forwarded by the individual responsible for the signatory rights over the estate. The email request should include:

  • First and Last Name of the user to be added
  • Email Address of the user to be added
  • Any restrictions that should be applied (read only, access to claims only, full authorization, ect.)
  • Contact Number for additional user

Once a user has been added they will be able to access the software from anywhere they have high speed internet. This way, staff members working at multiple sites will still have the ability to access TrustWorks Online.