Our Dynamic Management Team

BMS has a highly skilled leadership team with decades of substantive experience in both the consumer bankruptcy and corporate restructuring arenas. Drawing on their varied expertise across departments and disciplines, this talented group of professionals effectively collaborate to ensure the company’s infrastructure operates at the highest level of productivity and efficiency. Under their thoughtful guidance and direction, BMS is well-positioned for continued industry growth and success.

Eric Kurtzman | BMS - CEO

Eric Kurtzman | Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Eric directs the growth and expansion strategy for BMS.  Respected as a revolutionary in the bankruptcy industry, he has over 20 years of expertise supporting the development of his long-term vision for the company.  Drawing on his unique insight and experience as Co-founder of Kurtzman Carson Consultants, Eric works with the Chief Integration Office to conduct risk analysis, evaluate investment potential and provide guidance to the Board of Directors on investment risk and return.  Along with the Chief Operating Officer, he outlines financial, service and development objectives for each business division and establishes metrics to ensure targeted performance goals across multiple service lines are not just met, but exceeded. Leading the company’s Executive Management Team, Eric is responsible for strengthening the vitality and sustainability of BMS as a leading bankruptcy administration services provider.
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Jonathan Carson | BMS - CEO

Jonathan Carson | Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan serves as Chief Executive Officer of BMS, leading the charge in outlining go-to market strategies and tactics geared towards company growth.  As Co-founder of Kurtzman Carson Consultants, Jonathan is recognized as a trailblazer in the bankruptcy industry.  Influenced by his significant accomplishments in the corporate restructuring arena, his primary objective is to oversee the development and execution of the company’s expansion strategy.  With over 20 years of bankruptcy experience, Jonathan serves as a leader to the Executive Management Team.  Under his skillful guidance and direction, the Executive Management Team leverages Jonathan’s invaluable business acumen and market understanding.  Working together to identify, target and pursue various industry sectors, Jonathan instructs this talented group across departments on best practices for increasing market share and solidifying BMS as a leading provider of bankruptcy administration services.
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Steve Moore | BMS - Chairman of the Board

Steve Moore | Chairman of the Board

As Chairman of the Board, Steve provides vital leadership to the BMS Board of Directors. With over 20 years of experience working with distressed companies, Steve is a corporate restructuring veteran recognized for both his operational expertise and reputation as a valued partner to company owners and professional advisors. Proving himself to be an important asset to executive teams, he has guided companies during the course of a restructuring, as well as through government investigations and liquidations. Steve also has a strong history positioning companies for merger and acquisition opportunities by developing and implementing performance enhancement strategies along with expense reduction and rationalization plans. He is a member of Capstan Fund and Tortola Advisors. Previously, Steve held the roles of Chief Restructuring Officer, Plan Administrator and Liquidating Trustee in complex Chapter 11 cases for various retail companies.
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James M. Le | BMS - COO

James M. Le  | Chief Operating Officer

With nearly 20 years of experience in the corporate restructuring industry, James serves as Chief Operating Officer directing the day-to-day management of the firm’s overall business functions, as well as providing oversight to the client services, technology development and banking services teams. James has had significant success leading senior management teams and leveraging internal assets to develop both short- and long-term strategies to optimize organizational processes and procedures. Prior to joining BMS, James held the positions of Chief Operating Officer and Vice President, Corporate Restructuring at Kurtzman Carson Consultants (KCC) where he served as a change agent driving substantial revenue growth and expanded the company’s founding principles and values. Prior to KCC, James consulted for FTI Consulting and PwC’s business recovery group.
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Cory Clemmons | BMS - Chief Technology Officer

Cory Clemmons | Chief Technology Officer

Cory serves as Chief Technology Officer for BMS, establishing the technological vision of the company, directing its technical development and creating relevant policy. In his role, Cory utilizes an active and practical approach in overseeing all domestic and international IT personnel.  With more than 20 years of IT leadership experience, he is responsible for developing the necessary infrastructure and processes needed as the technology team scales to support multiple service lines. Cory conducts research on emerging technologies in the professional services industry and makes calculated determinations on the probability of implementation.  Cory consults other department heads, including Operations, Product Management and Marketing on technology improvements geared towards increasing our clients’ efficiency and effectiveness. He guides the Executive Management Team, making informed business decisions to achieve company growth through the use of advanced technological resources.  Before joining BMS, Cory held executive level eBusiness positions with Washington Mutual, West Monroe Partners, and Ingram Micro – the world’s largest IT distributor.
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Scott Barna | BMS - Chief Integration Officer

Scott Barna | Chief Integration Officer

In his role as the Chief Integration Officer, Scott is responsible for leading organic and inorganic organizational-optimization opportunities at BMS.  As a trained intelligence officer with extensive expertise overseeing integrations, process improvement, execution, and strategy, Scott has served in senior roles for both the government and the private sector. He has significant experience directing dynamic teams at the highest performance level from field and head office vantage points in pursuit of complex and transformative missions. Fueled by his inherent leadership competencies, as well as his strong analysis and structured implementation skills, Scott has successfully executed critical, international assignments ranging from covert action national security findings to financial services administration. Prior to joining BMS, Scott had executive oversight for multiple, regional departments at Computershare including North American vendor management and procurement, as well as the cross-functional operational demand fulfillment division.
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Dave Beltran | BMS - Chief Client Officer

Dave Beltran | Chief Client Officer

A bankruptcy industry veteran with over 15 years of supporting the needs of bankruptcy trustees and other fiduciaries, Dave rejoined BMS in 2015 as Chief Client Officer. Prior to rejoining BMS, Dave served as the CEO of Title XI Software Solutions since 2013. Before that, Dave supported the technology needs of BMS clients in the Northeastern United States. From new client on-boarding to strategic planning and management, Dave has been involved in every aspect of the case administration support cycle. Prior to working in the bankruptcy industry, he worked with multinational insurance companies and with companies specializing in computer forensics and litigation support.
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Melinda Teter | BMS - VP of Operations

Melinda Teter | Vice President of Operations

In her role as Vice President of Operations, Melinda oversees the training and development of all client support and service teams including, Account Managers, Banking and Support Center Representatives, as well as Hardware and Field Technicians. Drawing on significant experience as both a BMS Account Manager and a former bankruptcy paralegal, she leverages this multi-faceted perspective to implement and streamline case administration processes and procedures. With the goal of providing superior level service and support, Melinda works hand-in-hand with our software development team, offering her unique insight into the ongoing refinement of BMS’s technology solutions which are geared towards maximizing clients’ operational efficiency and productivity. She has nearly 20 years of experience in the consumer bankruptcy industry and serves on the BMS Executive Management Team, responsible for the overall leadership and growth of the company. Melinda is also an active member of IWIRC, ABI and NABT.
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Brian Soper | BMS - VP of Corporate Restructuring

Brian Soper | Vice President of Corporate Restructuring

For nearly 10 years, Brian has overseen the development and expansion of BMS’s Corporate Restructuring team. Under his direction, he has streamlined account implementation procedures between BMS’s banking and client support teams, resulting in higher level service and improved case administration efficiency. Brian has directed the onboarding, management, and securitization of approximately four billion dollars in estate funds for public and privately held companies in such diverse sectors as energy, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and retail. Clients rely on Brian for his consistent responsiveness and deft approach to identifying solutions to their various banking related needs. Brian serves on the BMS Executive Management Team, providing thought leadership and guidance on the company’s services geared towards corporate restructuring attorneys, fiduciaries, and receivers, as well as financial and turnaround advisors. Committed to supporting key industry organizations, he is a member of ABI, TMA, AIRA and NAFER.
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Kavita Sarma | BMS - VP of Product Management

Kavita Sarma | Vice President of Product Management

As Vice President of Product Management, Kavita oversees a skilled team of product managers and user experience professionals, developing products from concept to end-of-life. She is responsible for managing product development, establishing and refining project priorities as dictated by business objectives, and conducting market analysis. Working closely with the Operations and Technology teams, Kavita defines the future vision for BMS’s product lines, analyzes business opportunities, and most importantly, specifies and prioritizes client requirements with a focus on operational and time efficiencies. Conducting annual feedback sessions and maintaining key client relationships allows Kavita to glean direct insight into areas for product enhancement or further development. She also collaborates with members of the Marketing and Account Management teams to develop go-to market strategies and refine support offerings. Kavita is a member of the BMS Executive Management Team and is also a member of IWIRC.
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Cristina Terrasini | BMS - VP of Marketing

Cristina Terrasini | Vice President of Marketing

In her role as Vice President of Marketing, Cristina is responsible for the development and execution of BMS’s marketing strategy. She evaluates the company’s market position and ensures its suite of corporate restructuring and consumer bankruptcy services are well-positioned to increase brand reach. With more than 15 years of experience marketing professional services, Cristina applies an analytic approach and clear metrics to measure return on investment that inform annual department spend, as well as achieve optimal growth for the business. She directs public relations efforts with the objective of establishing BMS and its team members as industry thought leaders on bankruptcy administrative support services. Cristina leads a team of skilled marketing professionals in implementing internal branding and communication initiatives geared towards cultivating a robust corporate culture. Cristina also serves on the BMS Executive Management Team.
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Patrick O’Shaughnessy | Vice President of IT & Enterprise Architecture

In his role as Vice President of IT & Enterprise Architecture, Patrick has tremendous responsibility directing the company’s entire computing, networking, and security infrastructure. He has designed, built, and implemented BMS’s production co-location capabilities which resulted in decreased operating risk by moving on-premises compute systems to secure and reliable hosting facilities. Under his leadership, the company deployed new technologies to support nascent SaaS product offering and securely connect remote development teams. Patrick oversees a team of Systems Engineers who value his ability to make hard operational decisions not only because he understands the business case, but also the technical details. As a seasoned technology expert with 25 years of experience, he has served as Director, IS and Network Services for Rand McNally and Director, IS and MIS Manager at Thomas Bros. Maps. Patrick is a member of the BMS Executive Management Team.

Terry Dear | Vice President of Software Engineering

With nearly 25 years of substantive technology experience, Terry serves as BMS’s Vice President of Software Engineering, overseeing operational and development aspects of IT including Product Management, Application Development, and Enterprise/Business/Data Architectures. Directing a talented team of Software Engineers and Product Owners, Terry implements long and short term enterprise strategic envisioning and execution for Application Product Management and Development (SaaS, Back-Office Middleware, Cloud), focusing on protecting personally identifiable information and regulation (FedRamp, SOC1/SOC2) compliance. Utilizing an Application Lifecycle Management process, Terry maintains BMS’s software agility. She collaborates with department leaders to negotiate technology vendor agreements while organizing workflows and content within communication and development tools. Prior to joining BMS, Terry held executive-level technology positions at Capital Group, Virtual CEO, and Toshiba America Information Systems. She serves on BMS’s Executive Management Team and is the Program Chair for the Orange County, California chapter of Women in Technology International.

David Watkins | BMS - Vice Chairman Emeritus

David S. Watkins | Vice Chairman Emeritus

Currently serving as Vice Chairman Emeritus of BMS, Dave has been with the company since its inception. Over the last 30 years, he has played a pivotal role in establishing the foundation for the company’s innovation and success. Recognizing early on the administrative and operational challenges bankruptcy trustees face, Dave developed a more robust service model which provided important time and cost efficiencies while elevating the role of bankruptcy administrative service partner. His unique insight into the industry’s evolution, as well as his significant experience with the market share leading company in this space, make him an invaluable resource to the BMS Executive Management Team. Dave continues to serve as an Associate Director to the Board of Directors of the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees (NABT) and is widely acknowledged as a thought leader on bankruptcy administrative services, authoring related articles for trade publications.
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