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Our Culture & Values

Our CultureBMS Careers | Disciplines We Hire

Innovation and Collaboration are key words that describe BMS.  In the 1980s, we were the first company to acknowledge the growing importance of technology to trustees and other fiduciaries, and the first to develop software solutions to meet their needs. In this respect we were the first to think outside the box, and that’s why we remain the industry leader today. But our leading position wasn’t the result of the actions of any one individual. It was the result of the tireless efforts and ongoing teamwork of employees across the organization—day in and day out.  Maintaining a culture that consistently emphasizes, acknowledges, and rewards creative thought and collaboration has been fundamental to our success for over 25 years.

Our Values

Our strength as an industry leader is rooted in the values that drive all our efforts.  Chief among those values is our profound commitment to our clients. To this end, throughout our organization, we place the greatest emphasis on providing  highly-personalized and responsive support to our clients. The sensitive nature of the information we handle also compels us to act with the highest ethics, integrity and discretion in maintaining the safety and security of our clients’ data.

Disciplines We Hire

Disciplines We Hire

Being the leader in Bankruptcy Case Administration solutions takes dedication, a focus on the needs of our clients, and a “can do” attitude. That’s why BMS attracts the brightest minds and friendly, empathetic team members. No matter what your role is within our organization, you will make a difference. From developing new features in our cutting edge cloud-based software to making lasting impressions with exceptional client service, your talent is what sets us apart. BMS hires for positions that span a wide range disciplines, including the following:

Technology and Development

Our technology teams not only support our flagship case administration software but also create new products and tools for our clients. Our employees work on the design, development, and support of product offerings and have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge systems.

Opportunities in this area: Software Developers, Systems and Network Engineers, Web Developers, Quality Assurance Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Project Managers

Client Support, Account Management and Sales

Whether it is through an initial meeting with a new prospect or regular calls with long time clients, our client-facing team members help bring our solutions to bankruptcy and restructuring professionals across the country—helping to solve business problems through in-depth knowledge of the bankruptcy industry, case administration regulations and the BMS software solutions. Client-facing team members help deliver advanced solutions that bring productivity and automation to improve a client’s bottom line.

Opportunities in this area: Software Support Representatives, Hardware Technicians, Field Technicians, Account Managers, Banking Representatives, Training & Development professionals, Sales Executives

Corporate: Finance, Human Resources and Marketing

Our Corporate functions collaborate on a variety of activities to include strategic planning, reporting, analysis, compliance, talent acquisition, brand development and corporate communications.

Opportunities in this area: Financial Analysts, Accounting professionals, Human Resource professionals, Marketing Coordinators, Product Managers and Product Development Specialists

Open Positions

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