01 May 2017

341(a) Offline Feature Keeps You at Bat

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No Wi-Fi in the courtroom? No problem! Keep your head in the game with the 341(a) Offline feature in CaseLink². It allows you to access case data for your meeting and sync your updates back into your software when you have internet access again.

Learn more about this feature below!

Download the 341(a) Meeting Offline

To download the 341(a) Meeting offline, open CaseLink² on a laptop* that you will use at the meeting, then navigate to the 341(a) tab on the Global Menu Bar at the top of the screen. Click “341(a) View” from the dropdown menu.

On the 341(a) View, select all cases to be downloaded by clicking the check marks next to each case in the table.  Then, from the “Select Action” dropdown at the far upper right corner of the screen, select “Download Offline with All Documents” and click “Go.”

This action will download a zip file to the “Downloads” folder on your hard drive. Navigate to the “Downloads” folder on your laptop and click on the zip file to access the contents of the offline module, as shown below.

You can simply extract the contents of the zip file to an accessible folder for ease of use at the 341(a) meeting.

*Note:  The 341(a) offline download must be performed on the laptop that will be used at the meeting.  The files extracted from the zip file are not portable and cannot be transferred from the laptop to a thumb drive or to any other laptop. 


Using the 341(a) Offline Module

To access the 341(a) Offline Module, click on the “Index” icon in the zip file that you downloaded from the 341(a) View. The 341(a) Offline Module will appear in your browser, as shown below.

There are 2 ‘Mode’ options at the top including “Read / Write” (full access) and “Read only.” The “Read / Write” mode is used by the note taker at the meeting, while the ‘Read Only’ mode is used by the person asking the questions at the meeting.  In most cases, the “Read / Write” access is used by the paralegal or trustee assistant while the “Read Only” access is used by the trustee.

Cases are color-coded with the system shown below:

  • Gray indicates that no changes were made.
  • Red indicates that there are unsaved changes in the file.
  • Green indicates that changes were saved.**
    **Make sure all cases are highlighted green before uploading your data back into your software.

When you have access to Wi-Fi again, simply click “Upload” to sync your data back into your CaseLink² software.