29 Jul 2013

1-Day Rule on Rabobank Wire Transfer Dates

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Banking Tip:

1-Day Rule on Rabobank Wire Transfer Dates

When submitting wire transfers, make sure the date reflected on the form is dated no earlier than one business day before the transfer. We realize that many of you may prepare these forms in advance, but we want to make you aware that Rabobank, like all other banks, will reject the wire transfer if the date listed is any earlier than one day prior.

Rabobank realizes that many trustees work on the weekends, and for this reason, has implemented a Monday exception rule. Rabobank will accept wire transfers on Monday that are dated with the previous Saturday or Sunday dates. Remember, this exception is only for Monday transfers.

If you have any questions regarding wire transfers or any Rabobank procedures, please contact the BMS Banking Center at 800-634-7734, option 8.

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